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12755 SW 69th Ave #201, Portland, OR 97223

Reviewed on August 15, 2017. #1 of 1 Reviews

My special needs son found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people and received a citation for possession of a controlled substance. We quickly realized the need for a lawyer to guide us through the traumatic experience of court and penalties for my son. We chose the Gilroy | Napoli | Short Law Group and will be forever thankful we did. Our initial meeting was with John Gilroy. He not only patiently listed to my son’s story, but also kindly took the time to draw a chart showing the stages and timeline for our case so we could better understand the process. Through each stage, John’s communication with us was timely and thorough. He worked to understand my son’s issues and sought out possible alternatives and considerations for one whose mental illness led him into this trouble. John gently guided us toward the right actions, answers and people so that when my son’s court date came, his day was well planned and predicted. John turned what would have been a traumatic experience into my son’s walking the walk and talking the talk required that day with John right by his side. My son’s conviction ended with a reasonable fine and probation instead of jail time. Even though John’s representation technically ended that day, we have found in the probation process that John had predicted and prepared the way for my son there as well. Through this entire process, it was obvious to us that John is very well respected in the judicial community, making him quite effective and therefore an immensely valuable resource for anyone choosing this law firm to represent them. As a side note, but equally important to me and my son, every lawyer and every staff member in the Gilroy firm treated my son with the utmost respect, compassion and understanding. Chris Trotter, an associate lawyer with the firm, was especially caring and empathetic during my son’s initial court appearance. The entire firm worked together as a team to give us excellent service. I and my son are so very appreciative for the Gilroy firm’s invaluable assistance during this vulnerable and frightful time. A Very Grateful Mom
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